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National Day Parade

Every 9 Augest, Singapore celebrates her national day. The day before, Edgefield Secondary School will celebrate this National Day by having performance done by the students with the main event being the parade.
NPCC have the honour of bring the guards-of-honour for the past 5 years. Within this 5 years, we have also advised and supported the teacher-in-charge in training the juniors and planning the upcoming parades.


NPCC Annual Parade

The NPCC Annual Parade (NPAP) is the flagship event in the NPCC calendar. It marks the celebration of the NPCC Day and is also the day for NPCC to honour the outstanding achievements of its units. It also aims to instil loyalty in the cadets and dedication to the Corps. The participation would be formed by all school representatives.
Every year, cadets will be given the opportunity to volunteer in this significant event. The volunteers will then be selected by their ability to perform drills. This selection will all be done in school. After that, the cadets will then have a month-long training at the Home Team Academy with the CIs. These cadets will be representing the school at this hugh event.


CCA Carnival

As the secondary ready themselves to visit the CCA booths, banners, flags and signs were placed around the school to encourage the students to come and visit the NPCC booths
At the booths, CSI kits were pulled out, demonstrating how to get finger-prints from everyday items. Badges display case were taken out to showcase the various badges the cadets can get in his time in NPCC. Even the Punggol neightbourhood police stop by to display their patrol car and also have thier booth handing out leaflets.
A group of cadets even performed fancy drills with the help of CI Nasrul. Fancy drills is the when the cadets perform drils over the rhythm of music. This performance, the cadets had practised during the holidays and perfected it to display to the secondary one students.

CCA Carnival